Fitness Requirements for Public Service Roles

If you have your targets set on joining a wing of the Armed or Public services, below are some of the expectations and requirements for when you attend your physical assessment.

If you require any advice or guidance, feel free to get in touch or attend one of our Military Style Fitness classes across Lancashire and Merseyside! We can help condition you and ensure that you are prepared for your test day.

For those of you that aren’t thinking about wearing a uniform, why not have a go! We will be putting on regular fitness assessments through out the year!


Infographic – Calories Burned Per Exercise


Calisthenics – The most effective way to get fit for new exercisers!

Starting an exercise plan can be confusing as can any new learning process, however by starting with the basics you can establish a good foundation of fitness from which to progress to more complex movements without risking injury!


Body weight exercises are highly effective at burning fat (energy) , building lean muscle and developing a toned desirable physique. They are also highly mobile and adaptable….meaning that you can do them anywhere and they can be adapted to be easier or harder with a little creativity and know how! For this reason body weight exercises are the British Military’s No1 method of building strength in soldiers including the Elite Forces. Ok you may not be a soldier, but even soldiers started somewhere and they all start with Calisthenics (Rhythmic movements without use of equipment). The reason…because body weight exercises carry a low risk of injury, they are highly effective in keeping the body flexible, mobile and strong, plus they are easy to learn!

Above are beginner and advanced exercises, all of which can be adapted to be made easier or harder! Our suggestion would be to create a simple circuit of between 4 -12 exercises (depending on your technical ability) that you could do at home when the kids are in bed, before work or even during your dinner break if you have a shower at work. Once that you acclimatise to your new training regime and feel comfortable, you can then start adding more intensity, speed and difficulty. In no time you will be torching around 300 calories per 30 minutes of effort, which is great value for the amount of effort that you have to put in!

One key note that I will mention is that people who are new to exercise should be cautious when starting running. Running is exactly the same as any other exercise and needs to be treated with respect. Very commonly people will begin following a plan to build distance and speed…let’s say in preparation for their first organised 5 or 10 Km run. Rarely in that plan is a mention of the importance of technique and many find themselves shuffling with straight legs swinging like a pendulum, or over striding their step as their hamstrings pull their way across the ground! A new runner should concentrate on technique and keep distance/speed low until they can progress without losing form. I’ve spoken enough now, so over to Runners World….the running experts! Running Tips

If all this sounds a little to much like hard work, get in touch with us at Ozonefit. We will coach and motivate you all the way… just have to show up!

Ozonefit Director – Rob Partington