Our Military Fitness Instructor Team

Expert Guidance

Our Instructor Team ensure that all of our 3 Ability Groups are challenged appropriately and technique is mastered. No session is the same, leaving your body and mind guessing!

Military Bootcamp Classes

Why choose Ozonefit

 We are Preston’s Bootcamp training experts! Our former Military & Civilian Instructors will support you in your health & fitness mission.

Outdoor Fitness Is Inspiring & Fun

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Ozonefit work as a team! If you’re looking for motivation and challenge within a fun group fitness setting then our Military Style Fitness classes in Preston will make you view exercise differently.


Training together outdoors is stress busting, good for the soul and keeps your mind and body challenged.

Your 1 hr class will fly by, you won’t see the end coming….we are sneaky like that!

We guide you to your best physical and mental state regardless of your starting point.

We ensure that every session is varied, challenging and balanced.

You will finish each session knowing that you have just done something good.

No guesswork….Our instructors are experienced professionals and will guide, support and offer specialist advice for free!

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Military Fitness Preston


Our Military Fitness sessions are set in Avenham Park Preston, one of the most inspiring and varied landscapes in Lancashire.