We have two membership options that are by direct debit:

  • One session per week in one park is £28 per month
  • Unlimited sessions at any park is £37 per month

We don’t take any cash on our sessions as we are exclusively a members only outfit.

A membership card can be purchased at £50 for 5 sessions.

We offer under 21’s and full time students (proof needed) the Unlimited membership at £28 per month.

The answer is yes! If you start off in our red foundation group we will develop you slowly allowing you to grow steadily in fitness and confidence.

No! Military fitness works the whole body whether you and catapults all over fitness helping to remove excess fat, building muscle and thus strength and endurance and aids flexibility. Military Style Fitness is the complete fitness package!

No catch! Just a quick form to fill in, you don’t need a card, and there’s no obligation to sign up. At the end of your first session your instructor will ask if you enjoyed yourself and if you would like to join.(be honest, we like all feedback!)

To join, simply bring along your bank details or you can join via our secure online payment system. (You must join before attending your next session.)

Your instructor will keep keys in his rucksack, along with any inhalers, epi-pens other medication. If you have a bag or coat, you are welcome to leave them in the Instructor’s vehicle at your own risk.

Not a problem! With our three ability groups we can keep everyone exercising to their requirements varying exercises, duration, repetitions and rest.

That depends on your injury and we always recommend asking your GP’s advice.

We can advise for minor injuries and we can generally offer alternative exercises if you want to be active but are for instance nursing a niggle, however you should never try to work through injury pain.

There is a minimum term to complete of 2 full calendar months before you can cancel. After that we just require 1 month notice.