Outdoors over the gym in Winter!

So, bootcamp is on tonight and as you look out the window the rain seems to be going side ways…

It takes a lot of willpower to make the first step out of your nice warm house but, it doesn’t have to be as bad as it looks and is definitely worth it!

Summer bodies are made in the Winter!

Doing a few squats and press ups 2 weeks before your holiday, (I think you know this already!) isn’t going to make much of a difference. You then end up going on a calorie cutting diet that makes you feel terrible!

To allow your body to keep up with the changes, and to avoid any negatives such as extra fat storage (See the last blog ‘What is the best exercise for losing belly fat’), you should lose no more than 1-2lbs per week. So start early to tone up, lose weight, and look great steadily and safely.

Burn more calories for doing the same exercises!

Our bodies are very fussy and like to be kept at a the same temperature, no matter what climate we’re in or what activity we’re doing; we sweat to keep cool, and shiver to keep warm. Shivering itself burns around 400 calories an hour, *for the record*, this could also could lead to hyperthermia, so don’t use it as exercise!

When we are outside we have to warm the air up before it gets to our lungs, our muscles need to work harder, and we are forced to keep moving when normally we might have a cheeky rest.

Need more science?! A type of fat cell called brown adipose tissue (good fat) has a primary role of keeping the body warm and releasing energy slowly and steadily. These cells get woken up when the body gets cold, if this is done regularly then the body will store more brown fat and less white fat. White fat isn’t so good, and usually stored around the belly.

Don’t start doing press ups with the freezer open though, get to an outdoor workout class!

Yes it’s a bit minging out there, but it doesn’t have to be that bad!

I don’t know about you but I love being dry while the rain is hammering down, the air seems to be better, the sound is great, and I feel a little bit smug because I’m out when others wimped out!

There is a saying in the military, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. Modern sports clothes wick moisture from the skin while keeping heat in, and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you shop around. Bright or luminescent colours are best to stay visible.

Feet – The ground is a bit muddier and grass can get slippy. Trail shoes offer more grip, support and are waterproofed to keep you dry.

Legs – Leggings will hold warmth in while keeping the wet away from your skin. Stay away from tracksuits and joggers, these often hold onto water making them heavy and stick to your skin. Lads, wear some over-shorts, no one wants to see your sock drawer!

Upper body – Still staying away from cotton, it feels horrible when wet and hard to get off!

-Base layer with long sleeves is worth its weight in gold.

-T-shirt, creates an air gap further insulating and keeps heat in.

-Waterproof rain jacket, stay dry for as long as possible!

Head, neck and hands – A sports beanie hat and gloves made from polyester or micro fibre is ideal. Sports neck pull overs reduce the heat that escapes from your top. They are also great for wiping your eyes and glasses!

Post session – Have a bin bag or seat cover on ready, a bag for your wet clothes. Take your wet tops off, towel dry and replace with a nice, dry Ozonefit hoody.

A warm shower or bath after a wet and muddy bootcamp feels so much better!

There’s a chance you could get wet if you train, but I guarantee you will feel feel rubbish if you don’t!

Chris Walker

Ozonefit Instructor and Personal Trainer