Fitness Assessment

This is a British Military Style Fitness assessment which will help to motivate your mind and keep you focused.


We recommend that you complete 3 – 4 assessments per year to track your progress.

All disciplines should be executed with strict form as demonstrated by your instructor. This will provide you with an accurate end result and a good indication of your personal fitness level. A repitition will not count if it is be deemed non standard.

Points are awarded for each exercise performed and are in relation to the exercise variation you start with.

Your instructor will explain this in greater depth on assessment day, however below is a simple example.

One Full press up will give a higher points score than one Lever press up which in turn will be more than a Box press up.

You must continue and complete the exercise that you start with, for the full 2 minutes. If you regress, or progress the exercise, only the reps that you started with will be counted

How will it help you?

How will it help you?

A regular fitness assessment can help keep you on track and install and wake up a little competitiveness we all have…even if it’s just against yourself!

Being able to track your score will allow you to see that you are progressing or highlight a particular area that you may wish to improve in.

What does it mean?

What does it mean?

A fitness assessment should never be something to dread! No one is going to look down on you, no matter what your score. Although some healthy banter between competing friends is always good!

Everyone has to start somewhere and a personal best is exactly that, whether it is a 5 minute mile or a 15 minute mile, be proud of yourself!

How can I improve?

What does it mean?

So you’ve got your score back, happy or not, you want to get a few more points for the next bib or even just for personal pride!

Look at what your lowest or weakest result is…why is that?

If your run time isn’t improving much but everything else is…

  • How is your technique?
  • Are you hesitant at pushing yourself past your comfort zone?
  • How is your flexibility? Do you feel particularly tired in one area of your body?
  • Are you tensing to much? Try to relax and enjoy yourself…stress wastes energy!
  • What have you been eating and drinking throughout the day and leading up to the assessment? Is it enough or too much?
  • Have you had a good night sleep?

This can be applied to all of the exercises, even those not in the assessment. As you hear your Instructors say, it’s all about balance!

Any questions, your instructor will always be happy to shed some light and point you in the right direction.

When and where?

When and where?

Preston – Avenham Park  Last Saturday in – March – June – September – December