Fitness goals made easy!

It’s that time of year again and also (as most other years) THIS is the year you’re going to stick at your New Years resolution and get fit.

Well us too! Our New Years resolution is to help more people achieve their goals! Whether that’s to lose weight, to go faster, finish a 5 or 10k+ race, or even just to feel confident when putting a dress on…lads too! 😉 .

It’s a fact that most New Years Resolutions fizzle out before the end of January, it’s definitely not down to good intentions, so what is it?

Often we set ourselves an unrealistic target that a seasoned athlete or an “A” class celeb, with personal trainer who lives under the stairs, would be proud of achieving. Anything is achievable, however I’m sure Michelangelo didn’t manage to colour in the Sistine Chapel before his first tea break, and you’re no different…quality cannot be rushed!

A few things that are proven, and these will assist you to reach that seemingly impossible goal of looking in the mirror and thinking, yep i’ve made it!

  • Team up! Not to join the Power Rangers but to get your friends and family on board. (Although, what’s not to like about matching Lycra?!)
    If you don’t have anyone, then Outdoor Group Fitness Classes are a great way to meet people in the same boat!
  • Get support, find somewhere or someone who is qualified to help you in your goal.
  • Break your goals down into smaller ones and also give them a date to be completed by. Aiming a week or two ahead is a lot easier than “just keep running until I’m Mo Farah or Usain Bolt”.
    Simple way of breaking your fitness goals down to achieve more.

To make things easier we’ve included a free fitness goals sheet.

Stick it on your fridge, wardrobe door, somewhere you have to look at it EVERY DAY!

Your end goal can be whatever you like but try to make it as specific as you can.

For example, I’d like to lose 3 inches from my belly, is better than “lose weight”.

So what is realistic?

There are countless claims that you can lose 2 stones of your bodyweight in a week on the Whatever diet plan, or bulk you up from Clerk Kent to Superman with 80 StedFast tablets per day. They are ALL nonsense and many are often dangerous.

It’s better to underestimate your goal and achieve it rather than over cook your self and fail miserably! You can always adapt it as you should with any exercise plan….after all it is just a guide and even athletes don’t follow plans to the letter, as how the body feels and life sometimes dictates otherwise?!

As you know, weight goes up and down naturally and no one actually cares how much you weigh. The eyes don’t lie, if you look good & feel healthy who cares what the scales say? Stick to body measurements. 2cm is roughly a dress size, one cm per fortnight is achievable but something you will have to chip away at. Some times you’ll hit your target and sometimes you’ll fall short, as long as the long term result is positive then you have met your goal!

Choose a fitness program that is progressive! Begin with 2 exercise sessions per week for the beginner, building to 3 and then even a 4th as your body adapts. If you’re getting into fitness after a long break or as a beginner it is sensible to do body weight resistance training to strengthen your body for the task ahead and building shapely muscles as you go.

More conditioned exercisers should adopt the same steady approach, building intensity and duration in phases which include sufficient rest periods! 2 full days off per week and a regular 4-7 day break every 6 – 8 weeks will allow important recovery, this is when your body becomes stronger.

If running, you should steadily add distance and speed but never the 2 at the same time. To ensure steady progression, try adding NO MORE than 400metres to each run, as lungs and heart might be able to cope but your feet, knees, and hips take a little longer to adapt. If you feel you could have gone further try going a little quicker the day after at the same distance.

Each goal can be broken down further. For example I would like to run 2.4km 20 secs faster in 2 weeks. I need to:-

  1. Go to Military Style Fitness or Bootcamp 2-3 per week and push a little harder on 1 of those sessions.
  2. Eat a good breakfast every day. (Very Important and where many fail)
  3. Make sure to drink approximately 2litres of water per day.
  4. One interval running session on my own per week.
  5. One dedicated flexibility session per week on my own. The stretches in the Ozonefit sessions are great or for something to stick to. click here to see some exercises.

Remember lots of little goals are better and reward yourself with an activity that you enjoy doing, that is inline with your plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself….the Roman’s built their roads to last and this took time, we all require a couple of days rest per week, without this you will become bored, tired, ill or injured and back at square one…a common ending for many.

As always your instructors are coiled and ready to help, answer questions and set your compass on the right bearing! If you feel your friends or family will benefit then don’t forget to share and give them the best Christmas present of all….an introduction to Ozonefit! 🙂
Chris Walker – Ozonefit Military style Fitness

Group Training Instructor and Personal Trainer