Ozonefit Clothing

Ozonefit Technical T shirts are available in female and male custom fit and in the following colours and sizes.

Red – Black – Pink (Female Specific Size Only)

Standard logo – £15

Extra slogan + I do It In The Dark or I Like It Dirty slogan add £2

Sizes: Black & Red Tshirts are in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Pink T shirts XS, M, L, XL (Female specific only)

Overhead Hoodies available in Red, Black and Grey S, M, L, XL, XXL

Standard logo – £20

Zipped Hoodie add £4

Extra slogan + I do It In The Dark or I Like It Dirty slogan add £2


Christmas Night Out

Pretty Muddy Avenham Park Preston June 18th 2016

Last year we brought our Super Soakers to Moor Park Preston, not for a Boot Camp but to help motivate all of the Pink Shining Stars who turned out to help raise money for research to defeat the C word for Cancer Research UK. Last year we saw 30 + Ozonefit ladies take on the […]

8 out of 10 Cats Countdown with Instructor Rob

Rehearsing started interestingly enough as I was assaulted by a passing Jeremy Kyle ‘lady’… she pinched my bum from her passing wheel chair! Anyway back to my serious practicing for Jimmy’s 30 second Military Style Workout. Jimmy approached me and asked what I had in store for him, judging by his trademark expressions I don’t […]

Fitness Requirements for Public Service Roles

If you have your targets set on joining a wing of the Armed or Public services, below are some of the expectations and requirements for when you attend your physical assessment. If you require any advice or guidance, feel free to get in touch or attend one of our Military Style Fitness classes across Lancashire […]


Infographic – Calories Burned Per Exercise Calisthenics – The most effective way to get fit for new exercisers! Starting an exercise plan can be confusing as can any new learning process, however by starting with the basics you can establish a good foundation of fitness from which to progress to more complex movements without risking […]

Fitness goals made easy!

It’s that time of year again and also (as most other years) THIS is the year you’re going to stick at your New Years resolution and get fit. Well us too! Our New Years resolution is to help more people achieve their goals! Whether that’s to lose weight, to go faster, finish a 5 or […]

Outdoors over the gym in Winter!

So, bootcamp is on tonight and as you look out the window the rain seems to be going side ways… It takes a lot of willpower to make the first step out of your nice warm house but, it doesn’t have to be as bad as it looks and is definitely worth it! Summer bodies […]

The best exercise for losing belly fat?

As a Personal Trainer, the question I get asked most is what exercise do I need to do to get rid of a certain area of fat. Unfortunately it is a myth that we can target body fat by exercising that area. If it was possible then body builders would have a much easier job! […]