Meet Our Members

Here’s what some of our Preston Military Fitness members have to say!

Mark Pendergast

Ozonefit Avenham Park Preston

“I served in the forces from age 16 throughout the 80s and early 90s and like many other ex service men and women my fitness levels dropped drastically when I left the forces and didn’t do any physical exercise anymore.
Fast forward 25 years of smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily and I thought it was about time to get back in shape at the ripe old age of 49.

When I first joined I did think it may cause a bit of a problem as I attend the sessions 3 times a week. So I overcame potential problems by asking my wife to join as well, which she did! She loves it just as much as I do and her fitness levels have promptly improved.

Unlike other fitness clubs or gyms I have attended, there are no EGOS at Ozonefit, not one! Every member is friendly and encourages you in every way they can.

Also, it’s not all just about the training. There are regular nights out on the town and other adventurous activities that we all attend.
The people you train with soon become your friends.

Ozone Instructors have a vast in depth knowledge of physical fitness and how to achieve your goals, how to avoid injury, how to treat an injury and how to train safely. They will push just to that point that’s right for you as they get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

I love training Outside with lovely surroundings and the variety of sessions is an added surprise every time, they don’t use any fancy gym equipment…just occasionally they drag out the tyres, sandbags, ropes etc. Other than that you will be using your own bodyweight.

I have learned that 49 is just a number and age is a “state of mind”
I have quit smoking and eat healthy and my energy levels have risen drastically since attending Ozone, In a nutshell it has changed everything for the better.

Diane and I look forward to many more years of training with Ozonefit.

We Salute you !!!

Mark and Diane P”