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Our Team

We guide you closely

Ozonefit values are set by Director and Instructor Rob Partington who served as a Royal Marine Commando and as a Physical Training Instructor within the Civil Service for 15 years.

Our Training Approach

Why choose Ozonefit

Whether you join our Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced ranks we will challenge and progress every element of your fitness ensuring good technique is mastered.

Why become an Ozoner?

Never look back

You may be nervous on your first Military Boot camp Session, however we guarantee that any 60 minutes with us will change the way you exercise forever!


Training together outdoors is stress busting, good for the soul and keeps your mind and body challenged as you interact with others.

You will have fun, it won’t always be giggles as anything worth having requires effort and a bit of sweat! However the Military Way is with a little banter and edge…we don’t do dull.

Your 1 hr class will fly by, you will be so engaged in the class that you won’t see the end coming….we are sneaky like that!

We guide you closely, helping you to reach your best both physically and mentally regardless of your starting point.

We ensure that every session is varied, challenging and addictive….Ozoners arrive at our classes smiling and leave 6 – 900 calories lighter!

You will walk away from the session knowing that you have just done something good, looking forward to your next Ozone fitness adventure!

From here on in there will be no more guesswork as our instructors are experienced professionals and will guide, support and offer specialist advice for free!

Join Lancashire’s outdoor training experts and achieve more outdoors…



Our Military Fitness Venues are set in the most inspiring and varied landscapes in Lancashire.